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The Mathematics degree is a four year undergraduate course curriculum leading to the award of a Bachelor in Mathematics (B. Sc in Mathematics). The four-year studies are divided in eight semesters.

The curriculum has courses from the areas of Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research and Mathematics Education, as well as courses offered by the Department of Physics, the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications and the Department of Economics.

The curriculum offers two concentrations, in Theoretical Mathematics and in Applied Mathematics. Students must complete the requirements of at least one concentration in order to graduate. In addition, students may obtain one or more of the following specializations, with additional course requirements: Computational Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Statistics and Operations Research. The acquired concentration(s) and specialization(s) are listed in the student's transcript as well as the diploma supplement upon graduation.

Students are required to complete at least 36 courses for graduation: 14 compulsory core courses, 10 courses selected from restricted catalogs depending on the concentration, 2 courses from the Physics bundle, 3 courses from the Mathematical Education bundle, as well as at least 7 additional electives.

A number of credits (ECTS) are granted to each of them depending on the hours taught, the existence of laboratory training and the importance of the course itself for the curriculum. The total number of ECTS for the Mathematics degree is 246; 126 come from the 14 compulsory courses and 120 from the other course categories.

All courses are offered on a semester basis. Most of the compulsory courses are offered in both semesters. The language of instruction is Greek.

Students are required to pass examinations in all courses. Examinations take place at the end of each term (February or June). In case of failure a second examination is allowed in September.  If a student fails twice within one year, he/she is eligible to register for the course in the  following years.

Detailed Study Guide of the Undergraduate Course Curriculum (in Greek).