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The Department of Mathematics is located in the Panepistemiopolis campus in Ilissia. .


The Panepistemiopolis Campus has 3 entrances for vehicles.

  1. The central (west) entrance is located on Olaf Palme Ave. and has 24 hour access
  2. The south entrance (in Kesariani)is located on Ethnikis Antistaseos Ave. and is open to vehicles on weekdays 7.00-9.30 and 14.30-17.00
  3. The north entrance (in Zografou) is open to vehicles on weekdays 7.00-9.30 and 14.30-17.00

The department is accessible by the following bus lines, which make stops in the Department of Geology and the Department of Physics, both at closes vicinity.

Line 250 Panepistemiopolis - Evangelismos

Line E90 Piraeus - Panepistemiopolis (EXPRESS)

In addition, the following bus lines stop next to some of the campus entrances.

Line 230 Acropolis - Zografou(Πλησίον Βόρειας Πύλης)

Line 608 Galatsi - Akadimia - Zografou Cemetary(Βόρεια πύλη)

Line 220 Ano Ilissia - Akadimia

Line 221 Panepistemiopolis - Akadimia

Line 235 Zografou - Akadimia

Line 224 Kesariani - El. Venizelou st.

Several municipalities in the Attica region serve their citizens by offering municipal bus lines to the Panepistemiopolis campus. For further information please contact the municipality transportation office.