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Section of Algebra and Geometry

Konstantinos Chatzistavridis
Homological and homotopical properties of flat modules
(Advisor: Ι. Emmanouil)

Panagiotis Christou
Topological aspects of singular foliations (working title)
(Advisor: Ι. Andoulidakis)

Ilias Kaperonis
Gorenstein homological algebra
(Advisor: Ι. Emmanouil)

Maria Mentzaki
Problems in the cohomological representation theory of GL(n)
(Advisor: Μ. Μaliakas)

Vassilios-Dionyssios Moustakas
Enumerative Combinatorics, Representations and Quasi – symmetric functions
(Advisor: C. A. Athanasiadis)

Dimitra-Dionysia Stergiopoulou
Hook extensions of Weyl modules for the general linear group
(Advisor: Μ. Μaliakas)

Alexios Terezakis
Group actions on Algebraic curves
(Advisor: A. Kontogeorgis)

Ioannis Tsouknidas
Αutomorphisms of algebraic curves
(Advisor:  A. Kontogeorgis)


Section of Mathematical Analysis

Dimitrios Andreou
Amenability and Operator Algebras (working title)
(Advisor: A. Katavolos)

Panagiotis-Christos Branikas
Heat kernel estimates for higher order elliptic differential operators
(Advisor: G. Barbatis)

Dimitris Karageorgos
Ergodic Ramsey Theory
(Advisor: V. Farmaki)

Kyranna Kioulafa
Cauchy-type integrals
(Advisor: T. Hatziafratis)

Niovi-Paraskevi Passiou
Imaging of the Functional Brain in Ellipsoidal Geometry
(Advisor: Ι. Stratis)

Miltiadis Paschalis
Hardy inequalities in non-Euclidean geometries
(Advisor: G. Barbatis)

Nikolaos Skarmogiannis
Problems in Geometric Functional Analysis
(Advisor: A Giannopoulos)

Vassilis Sterios
Ergodic Properties of random walks on locally compact groups
(Advisor: D. Gatzouras)

Section of Statistics and Operations Research

Dimitrios Logothetis
Strategic customer behaviour in queueing systems
(Advisor: A. Economou)

Alexandros Pasiouras
Statistical methods, Inverse problems and Approximation Theory
(Advisor: A. Burnetas)

Section of Mathematics Education

Mathaios Antonopoulos
Intuitive perceptions of pupils of primary and secondary education on the concept of infinity
(Advisor: Th. Zachariadis)

Amalia-Christina Bampili
Studying the transition from high school to university mathematics
(Advisor: D. Potari)

Marina Brokou
Pell’s equation in Greek and Indian Mathematics and its relation with Book X. of Euclid’s Elements
(Advisor: V. Farmaki)

Chrysoula Choutou
The mathematical practice in the field of Plastic Art and its connection with the learning and teaching of Mathematics
(Advisor: D. Potari)

Nairouz Elthini
Logical Pluralism in the Philosophy of 20th century Mathematics and a priori justification of the logical foundation principles
(Advisor: Dimitra Christopoulou)

Dimitra Kalisperi Relation of Platonic philosophy, especially of the Platonic dialogue Timaeus, with Mathematics
(Advisor: V. Farmaki)

Fotini Kantaridou Figures and Diagrams: their active role in the Development of Geometric Theories
(Advisor: D. Lappas)

Konstantinos Karantzoulis
From school geometry to Euclidean geometry: argumentation and proof
(Advisor: P. Spirou)

Georgios-Ignatios Kafetzopoulos
Conceptualization of function as covariation through modelling dynamic real life situations with the use of digital tools
(Advisor: G. Psycharis)

Roidoula Kioufti
Mathematical induction in Ancient Greek Mathematics
(Advisor: V. Farmaki)

Styliani Kiriaki Kourti
Affective dimensions in mathematics teaching in secondary school level
(Advisor: D. Potari)

Nikolaos-Markos Pettas
The a posteriori and holistic account of mathematical objects in W. V. Quine's Naturalistic philosophy
(Advisor: Dimitra Christopoulou)

Dimitrios Protopapas
Reconstruction of the pre-Eudoxian theory of ratios of magnitudes based on equality of anthyphairesis
(Advisor: I. Emmanouil)

Ioannis Vlachos
Studying the role of the concept of set in mathematics education
(Advisor: Th. Zachariadis)

Nikolaos Vroutsis
Upper secondary school students' conceptualization of mathematical concepts through authentic workplace activitiess
(Advisor: G. Psycharis)

Angela Ζοupa
Construction of meanings for algebraic generalization with the use of digital tools
(Advisor: G. Psycharis)


Section of Computational and Applied Mathematics

Ioannis Arkoudis
The method of fundamental solutions for direct and inverse scattering problems of electromagnetic waves in chiral media (Advisor: E. Kotta-Athanasiadou)

Grigorios Kounadis
Numerical methods for shallow water equations
(Advisor: V. Dougalis)

John Livieratos
Constraint Satisfaction Problems: Probabilistic Approach and Applications to Social Choice Theory
(Advisor: L. Kirousis)

Paraskevi Roupa
Numerical methods for calculations of bilinear forms and applications
(Advisor: M. Mitrouli)

Leetha Saridaki
Numerical methods for internal gravity waves
(Advisor: V. Dougalis)

Stefania-Maria Zoi
Mathematical Theory of Thermoelasticity
(Advisor: E. Kotta-Athanasiadou)